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Home Plate BBQ Knows it’s Football!

Live NFL Football


It’s Football Season and we are showing games live every week at our Sanlitun Location

EVERY SUNDAY MORNING at 7:30 we show Prime Time College Football with a special Happy Hour and good ole American breakfast available.

MONDAY LATE NIGHT we got the first game on at 1am and don’t close. Three live games total with the last one starting at 8am. Special Happy Hour, late night BBQ menu and breakfast available for the last game.

TUESDAY we have more Live NFL on with special Happy Hour and breakfast.

Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we got live College Football and NFL on the BIG Screen and at the bar. Come in for Happy Hour, BBQ, Breakfast and Big Hits.

For more information contact our football expert Brian at 15801307512 or pop into our Sanlitun location and ask our Manager Dave Bob about it.



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