Our BBQ Meats – 烤肉

Beef Brisket 牛胸板肉

Central Texas BBQ has a lot going for it and the best that do it know that Central Texas brisket is the top barbecued bovine available throughout the South. Starting in Lulling, TX. and making our way up through Lockhart, Elgin and finally Taylor, we made a wrong turn somewhere and found ourselves in Beijing with a whole lotta brisket. We cover our brisket in salt, pepper and a few secrets and slowly barbecue it for well over 12 hours. When done, what’s left is a magnificent piece of meat. Here’s some brisket slang for ya: Lean is the more dense and less fatty cut of brisket. Moist is the fattier, juicier side on the point end of the brisket, they both have their fans.



Pulled Pork 手撕猪肉

One’s mind can conjure many different images with the words “Pulled Pork”. What we mean is pork shoulder that has been rubbed down with our spice mixture of salt, pepper and a whole lotta secrets, barbecued for several hours with apple wood until it gets so tender we just pull it apart by hand, no knife or fork needed. Our friends in the Carolinas are masters at pork, so try ours with some Vinegar BBQ sauce for a nod to the North Carolina tradition, or with some Mustard BBQ sauce for a hat tip to our friends in South Carolina, you can’t go wrong either way. Elvis fans? Try some with our Memphis sauce and you’ll be “all shook up”.

手撕猪肉您可能会联想出很多种样式,但我们的手撕猪肉是这样的:猪肩胛肉撒 上多种配料,盐、胡椒和几种秘制配方经过十多个小时的果木熏烤而成,最后用手将其撕开,而不是用刀子或者叉子。卡罗莱 纳人是烤猪肉的大师,所以您可以在我们的手撕猪肉上加一些卡罗莱纳烤肉酱,以表示对北卡罗来纳朋
友的赞许,您也可以加一些芥末烤肉酱,赞许一下南卡罗来纳的朋友!喜欢猫王吗?那好!再加点我们 的孟菲斯烤肉酱,您会全身舞动起来!千万不要错过,无论哪种!


Chicken 烤鸡

Yardbirds make some excellent smoky, juicy bbq. We cut’em in half and cover them in salt, black pepper and (you guessed it) some other secret spices before we slowly barbecue them for hours. Want to try it like they do in Northern Alabama? We’ll serve some white BBQ sauce for dipping your bird in. When you see red or pink in these birds, it’s the effect of smoke over long hours…

是用一种很赞的方式烤制出的鲜嫩多汁的烤鸡。在我们几个小时的熏烤之前撒上盐、黑胡椒还有……(您猜对了)还有一些秘制配方,然后就是等待!最后就让您来尝下阿拉巴马州北部的纯正口味吧! 我们会为您在烤鸡上面加一些阿拉巴马烤肉酱。如果看到烤鸡里面是红色或粉色的,请别担心,那是 果木柴熏烤的必然色。


Sausage 烤肠

Here at Home Plate we’ve never met a sausage we didn’t like but we love these. Our spice blend and technique is a closely guarded secret but we put in a lot of work to bring this Texas style sausage to you. We make ours in-house stuffed in natural casings and barbecued with care and attention to detail.

本垒人都热爱烤肠,尤其最爱的是本垒自制烤肠!天然肠衣填满本垒的大块牛胸板肉,加上秘制 配方,传统的制作工艺结合漫长的熏烤过程,本垒给您带来了这个纯正的德克萨斯风味烤肠,是时候来上一杯波本威士忌了!


Baby Back Ribs 烤背小排

Back in Memphis this is the traditional cut used for making some delicious ribs. We take these beauties and toss them in some magic spices all over and bbq them for hours until they are tender as all get-out. Off the pit, we give it the Memphis treatment by sprinkling the finished ribs with our signature rib rub to add more depth of flavor. With one bite you’ll be walking in Memphis.


Kansas City Ribs 堪萨斯猪排(美国有机猪排)

Over in Kansas City they do spare ribs right and so do we. We take these organic spare ribs from Iowa, USA and dip ‘em in our signature rib rub and smoke them until they’re just about to give in. Dang, these ribs are delicious after all that TLC and we could stop there and serve them just the way they are but Kansas Citians know and we know that to put it over the top we’ve got to cover these bad boys in some sweet, smoky BBQ sauce.



Rib Tips 烤猪软骨

Boy oh boy do we enjoy rib tips. We take the extra rib meat off of our Spare Rib Tips: Boy oh boy do we enjoy rib tips. We take the extra rib meat off of our
Spare Ribs and give it the Home Plate BBQ treatment which as you know by now is our special rub, special sauces and lots of time being gently barbecued until all that’s left is tender, juicy, succulent pork. Rib Tips go great with any sauce but go especially well with our Memphis Twang and Piedmont Vinegar.



Beef Ribs 烤牛肋排

We take a rack of some hefty beef short ribs and treat them kindly with our beef rub and smoke. After several hours in our bbq pit what’s left is a divine piece of meat and a favorite among many here at Home Plate. Beef ribs are only available by the weight so ask your server to bring the meat cart over and help yourself to a rib or two, you deserve it.





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