BBQ Burgers 烤肉汉堡

Our BBQ sandwiches are served on toasted buns and made with the finest barbecued meats around, treat yourself!


Pulled Pork 手撕猪肉汉堡 REG 正常 45 JUMBO 巨大 65

This is why Home Plate was created, for the love of pulled barbecued pork shoulder topped with our tangy, crispy cole slaw



Sliced Brisket 切牛胸肉汉堡 REG 正常 50 JUMBO 巨大 75

Our BBQ brisket sliced and served with onion and house made pickles



Chopped Brisket 碎牛胸肉汉堡 REG 正常 50 JUMBO 巨大 75

Our beautiful brisket chopped up and topped up with sliced onion and pickles.



The Memphis Shuffle 孟菲斯烤肉汉堡 70

A combination of our sliced Original Sausage and Pulled Pork topped with BBQ Sauce and coleslaw.



The Texas Tussle 德州双拼汉堡 75

Our Original Sausage and BBQ Brisket served with BBQ Sauce, onions and pickles.



Three The Hardway 烤肉三拼汉堡 88

Our Original Sausage, Pulled Pork and BBQ Brisket piled high and served with jalapeno’s, cole slaw and onions



The Ba-donk 翘臀巨堡 128

This is it. 1 beef patty, cheddar cheese, 2 slices of bacon, Original Sausage, Pulled Pork, BBQ Brisket, jalapeños, onions, fried pickles, BBQ sauce, sweet dreams.

精选牛肉饼、红车大、两片自制培根、烤肠、手撕猪肉、牛胸板肉,配墨西哥辣椒、洋葱、 炸腌瓜和烤肉酱

Add a side of our Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Texas Ranch Beans, French Fries, Hush Puppies or Creamed Corn with any of ourBurgers or BBQ Burgers for just 13 RMB! 点汉堡以下小菜可优惠5元:土豆沙拉,凉拌卷心菜,德克萨斯农场豆, 自制薯条,炸玉米丸子,奶油玉米,均为13元




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